Friday, August 30, 2013

Mens Fashion Double Breasted Sheepskin Trench Coats

Double breasted notched collar design has been the trend nowadays, these genuine sheepskin leather coats make you stylish and handsome in the crowds, and enjoy your fashion life. Calm, classic yellow brown is the most popular color during autumn and winter. They are noble and elegant, also not losing the fashion feature.

They keep the trench coat's feature, and are also full of design feeling. Thick lamb fur fabric makes this trench coat look both fashionable and vintage.

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sheepskin leather jacket
Brown Sheepskin Jacket
leather shearling coat
Double Breasted Sheepskin Coat
long black sheepskin coat
Long Black Sheepskin Coat

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mens Black Hooded Sheepskin Leather Coat

Black is most men's favorite, traditional peacoat is a symbol of fashion and comfort. Most peacoat is made of wool, but it is not warm enough.

This black coat is as stylish as peacoat, it is made of sheepskin leather with lamb fur inside. So it can keep you very warm. It uses fashionable claw buttons instead of buttons. What't more, this coat has a nice hood, very functional for protecting against winds.

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Men Black Sheepskin Coat
Black Hood Sheepskin Coat

Black Hooded Fur Coat
Mens Fashion Sheepskin Coat

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Designer Mens Vintage Sheepskin Coat for Winter

If autumn comes, can winter be far behind? For the global climate change, winters become much colder. So you are badly in need of a fur lined sheepskin coat.

Just introduce a new style fur lined sheepskin coat. It is made from sheepskin leather, looks awesome and its lining is lamb fur, you will feel super warm and comfortable. As for the design, this one is also excellent. Its buttons, pockets and color can well show its features.

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Vintage Sheepskin Coat
Men Vintage Sheepskin Coat
Men Sheepskin Coat
Luxurious Sheepskin Coat

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Men Distinctive Sheepskin Fur Lined Coat

If you have been tired of black or brown coats, then this one is definitely a fresh color for you. The color is very distinctive, one that is between brown and coffee and hard to describe.

Except fot its color, its design also is something new and original. Handsome leather epaulettes with buttons on the shoulder, leather decoration on its slash pockets, there is also leather decoration at the armpit. Without any doubt, these decorations make the coat much more stylish and attractive.

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Sheepskin Coat for Men
Men Sheepskin Fur Coat

Back of the Coat

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Vintage Black Fur Lined Coat for Ladies

Compared with those colorful coats, this coat seems a little out of fashoon. But it is just the feature of this coat.

It adopts genunine sheepskin leather as the outer material and lining is soft lamb fur, you will feel very warm in this coat.

This coat is also designed to go with UGG snow boots. They can fit perfectly. Just look at the distinctive claw buttons, nice and vintage. In a word, this coat is a quite good one for you ladies, if you don't like to be too shining or exaggerated.

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Women Fur Lined Coat
Women Fur Lined Coat

            In this Mirco-video, you can find nice details of this coat!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Handsome Men Fur Lined Coats for Winter

Long coat is very awesome and handsome, especially for those big guys, it can well show their temperament. Many gentlemen choose pea coat, it is a kind of fashion wear, but in fact it cann't offer you enough warmth. So you are badly need some warm and attractive outwear for winter.

Just see these coats from, all of them have fur lining inside. Color, design are more fashionable than those vintage designed shearling coats. They are best choice for you to survive the cold weather.

Click the Images, you can find more information about them.

Black Fur Lined Coat
Black Fur Coat

Brown Fur Lined Coat
Men Brown Fur Coat

Men Hooded Sheepskin Coat
Men Fur Lined Coat

Friday, August 9, 2013

Women Colorful Sheepskin Leather Down Coats

Down coat is great for wineter for its function of protecting againt the cold and wind. But you may been nagged by its bulk and you can't move your arms easily. Then there comes leather down coat which can well solve your problem. This is a new kind of winter coat, fashionable and functional.

Just see this style, it was designed for ladies. Long enough to keep your body warm and you can wear it with leather boots or UGG, very nice. Slant zipper, buttons make the coat more attractive. Several colors for choosing. Still the collar is warm, you can even pack up your scarfs to the wardrobe.

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Women Sheepskin Down Coat
Women Down Coats

Video for this sheepskin down coat

Thursday, August 8, 2013

High Quality Women Sheepskin Coat with Lamb Fur Lining

Sheepskin coat has been the latest fashion in winter especially in the Northern Hemisphere where people have to go through extremely cold weather.

So if you want to keep warm and fashion at the same time, this sheepskin coat can be a great choice. It selects high quality sheepskin leather and the lining is super soft, warm lamb fur. What's more, the double breast design helps keep you warm in a fashion look. Belts on the waist and sleeve cuff definitely add fashion elements to the coat.

Even many years later, this coat can still be the antique.

Women Sheepskin Coat
Women Fashion Sheepskin Coat

A video shows the nice details of this sheepskin coat.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Charming Black Sheepskin Coat for Men

This is a very good outwear for cold weather, it has excellent cutting and lining which make the coat much more durbale so that even several years later, the coat can still be good to wear. At the same time, its design is stylish enough to keep fashionable for years. You must be very surprised to find that it still keeps the value.

Black Sheepskin Coat
Men Black Sheepskin Coat (Click to Shop)

The micro-video of this fancy sheepskin coat, have a look to find more appealing features.


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