Thursday, April 21, 2016

Prefer A Leather Shirt to A Dress Shirt

Nowadays, dress collocation should not only be the business of the female, but also the business of men. Suppose if you wear strangely or quite differently from others  in the street, how passers-by will consider about you? “Does he have any sense of fashion ?” or “Does he have any mental problems? How can he dress like that?” Of course we wouldn’t like to be thought about like that. Having a sense of fashion is an inevitable  skill in the modern society.

As a male, shirt is necessary under lots of circumstances, especially in some formal conditions. However, whether there are simply pure-color shirts in your wardrobe? Or a better situation is that there are a few plaid shirts or stripy shirts in it. You ought to have an idea that solid-color shirts have a high demand of figure if you want to wear it alone, which means only if you have muscles when striping your clothes and look thin when putting on clothes can you hold up them (just like the person in the photo). So solid-color shirts are often taken inside suits and seem formal. More often, we’d like to wear casual clothes in our free time. Therefore, leather shirt is a good choice other than plaid shirt. As is shown in the following picture, this is a genuine sheepskin leather shirt, the lining of which is 100% polyester. This shirt looks quite cool and fashionable, doesn’t it? And the color of champagne makes you seem younger and more vibrant. You can wear a T-shirt in it and the effect will surpass your imagination. If you choose a right size, it can fit your body perfectly and show your good shape. As to the integral collocation, you can match a pair of jeans or casual pants to it. And the slim fit would be better.
Mens Leather Shirts

Hey, gentlemen! Don’t hesitate to buy one and show your unique style of dress any more. It is not hard to be fashionable and handsome! Just take an action immediately and you can take on a new look with a cool leather shirt.
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