Monday, February 10, 2014

Women Black Fur Leather Coats

Black fur coat is classic and also very trendy. It is a must-have for winter; it makes you fashionable and handsome, also keeps you warm in winter. Elegant and simple design well reveals your casual life attitude and free temperament.

Merino shearling is dense; the suede is very supple, it has great elasticity and in a good shape.

Long fur coat can keep the hip and your leg warm, it is not bulky and looks very beautiful. There are several styles of black fur coats from, these coats are very well made and can be a great choice for cold weather.

Click these images to find more details about these fur coats and then get yourself a nice one.
Black Hooded Fur Coat
Women Black Fur Coat

Women Black Fur Coat
Black Fur Lined Coat

Women Hooded Fur Coat
Women Fur Lined Coat

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Men Brown Sheepskin Fur Coats

Several days ago, the snow storm attacted the Unites States, and many Amerians are caught in coldness. Sheepskin coats are just designed for such bad weather and help to keep your warm. Genuine lamb fur lining material is comfortable, supple, compact, not heavy, but very warm, closed fitted and breathable, sewing is smooth. These features make sheepskin coat a excellent choice for chilly snowy weather.

There are there awesome brown sheepskin coats, they are different in styles, but all warm enough to survive the chill. For the details, you can click the images or find them at

Brown Sheepskin Coat
Brown Sheepskin Coat

Men Sheepskin Coat
Men Sheepskin Coat

Sheepskin Leather Coat
Sheepskin Fur Coat

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Women Warm Vintage Shearling Coats

Shealing coat in vintage style is a great fashion in these days. There are many features in vintage shearling coats, like the belt, double-breasted design, the color, collar and so on.

These vintage shearling coats are all double-breasted, but they are different in design and colors. The sheepskin used is top and lining is soft and warm. They are very stylish and greatly show ladies’demeanor.

Click the images or the short URLs, you can find the item and get more details about these shearling coats.
shearling lined coat
Long Shearling Coat(

vintage shearling coat
Vintage Shearling Coat(

women shearling coat
Women Shearling Coat(

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