Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Women Warm Vintage Shearling Coats

Shealing coat in vintage style is a great fashion in these days. There are many features in vintage shearling coats, like the belt, double-breasted design, the color, collar and so on.

These vintage shearling coats are all double-breasted, but they are different in design and colors. The sheepskin used is top and lining is soft and warm. They are very stylish and greatly show ladies’demeanor.

Click the images or the short URLs, you can find the item and get more details about these shearling coats.
shearling lined coat
Long Shearling Coat(http://goo.gl/6Dg2vR)

vintage shearling coat
Vintage Shearling Coat(http://goo.gl/Hwqra4)

women shearling coat
Women Shearling Coat(http://goo.gl/WkvfBc)

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